The Benefits of Monoi Oil on Hair.

Appreciated for massages and for moisturizing the skin, monoi oil also has incredible virtues for nourishing and protecting the hair. The beauty editor explains all the benefits of this oil from Tahiti. Symbol of French Polynesia, and more particularly of Tahiti, the Tiare flower is macerated for 10 days in coconut oil to obtain the famous monoi … Read more

The secrets of monoi to sublimate the skin.

Its smell is enough to make us crave the sun, but what are the real benefits of monoi oil for our hair and skin?  Coming straight from French Polynesia and more particularly from Tahiti, monoi has found its place in our bathroom for many years now. But if its scents are easily recognizable, we do not always know … Read more

Prepare Your Skin for the Sun in 8 Steps.

The sun is making a comeback and a question nags you: how to prepare your skin for the sun to have a nice tan for deconfinement? On your balcony or in your garden, here are the right beauty gestures to achieve your goal. Vacation time is fast approaching. It is time to prepare your skin for the first … Read more

Tanning: The 9 Keys to a Quick Natural Tan!

The sun is back ! It’s time to get a nice tan. Exposure times, UV patch, tanning positions. Follow these smart tips to get a perfect tan from head to toe.  We all dream of a perfect tan. Golden, which lasts several months! Without the threat of peeling skin on the horizon. Rest assured, the tan to make the girlfriends … Read more


Talking about wine is talking about the human being himself, about our own nature and our own culture. For that reason, it seemed like a great idea to take up the articles on this blog with a brief history of wine., from its imprecise origins to its roots in both western and eastern societies. We … Read more

3 Best Santoku Knife, what to look for?

One of the most contentious debates among knife connoisseurs is over what is the best santoku knife. Because of the newfound trendiness of santoku knives in the marketplace, premium cutlery companies have invested premium resources into creating the best version of the knife that they possibly can. While not many people are aware of what … Read more

Knife Sharpening Angle Guide & Techniques.

One particular tool that many knife connoisseurs will need, but can rarely find is a comprehensive knife sharpening angel guide. It goes without saying that a set of kitchen knives will eventually need to be sharpened, but many people become lost when the time finally comes. You can either be confused by not understanding the proper … Read more