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There is an electric knife for every cutting job, whether you are fisherman have a huge catch to clean or a slaughter who slays meat or a chef who does amazing in the kitchen. An electric knife also known as an electric carving knife is rising in popularity exponentially in the recent ages because of the affordability and the excellent features it offers.

Many people think that electric knives are new inventions rather it is not true. It evolved around the 1940’s however it has limited features. Thanks to the technology, due to the advancement of technology, the current age electric knives have become less expensive with more power besides offering the highest safety. These are quite a few reasons why more and more people are adding the electric carving knife to their kitchen collection.

Here in this post, we will talk over the top best electric knives. Let us see some of the most interesting features of the electric knives.

Right now let’s dig into the top chart.

1. Overall Best is the American Angler Electric Knife:

It is one of the best electric knife for filleting fish offering multiple utilities and benefits. Most people typically use this American Angler Electric Knife to fillet large fish easily. Home cooks and chefs consider American Angler knife as a blessing to the kitchen accessories.


  • Save time for people who are time constraint due to hectic lifestyles
  •  Makes filleting a real fun activity
  •  The two removable rechargeable batteries help you to complete sumptuous amount of job without the hassle

  •  The motor has more than 100 watts of power enabling it to work more efficiently.


  • It is expensive when compared to other contenders.

2. Best Value for money is Cuisinart Electric Knife :

It is an attractive well-built electric knife suitable for precise cutting smooth experience with Cuisinart Electric KnifeThe ergonomic handle provides the best comfort for your hands irrespective for right handed or left handed individuals.


  •  The sharp blades offer extensive durability.
  •  A versatile product offering wide varieties of cutting options.
  •  The cordless items offer a long-lasting battery feature.
  •  Offers the best safety.
  •  Attached with a heavy duty powerful motor.
  •  Easy to use.


  •  The equipment is pretty heavier when compared to other models.
  •  Overheating issues have been reported by many users when intended to cut heavy meats.

3. For Best Budget Hamilton Beach Carving Electric Knife:

This is one of the suitable choices for the people who are mostly on the budget. Hamilton Beach Carving Electric Knife one of the most comfortable electric knife when it comes to daily use.


  •  Comfortable to use in a most effortless way
  •  Amazing performance, you can hardly encounter a problem with it
  •  Long lasting time and highly durable
  •  Long lasting time and highly durable


  •  Terribly heavy to hold and handle
  •  Handles doesn’t provide the proper grip to hold on.

Features of the Best Electric Knives 2021

Before getting on to the features, first of all, it is important to know, what is an electric knife and where it is used?

What is an electric knife?

Electric knives are electrical kitchen knives used for slicing food items. One of the significant advantages of an electric knife is the ease of use, requiring less physical efforts when compared to the conventional kitchen knives and eventually resulting in quality slices.

Patented in the year 1964 by Jerome Murray, this sophisticated kitchen appliance looks like a fusion between a standard hand mixer and a pair of electric hedge trimmers. Since then, the popularity of this cutlery began to rise. Among the most prominent manufacturers of an electric carving knife, Black and Decker is the most renowned one that made the public turn towards this product. 

Features and Advantages of Electric Knife over conventional Knifes

Ease of use: First-time buyers of the electric knife often have a feeling that you need to read for the instructions thoroughly or need some prior knowledge whilst using an electric knife. Perhaps, it is totally not required. You need not to have any kind of previous experience in handling electric knives. They are simple and easy to use offering the best cutting. The ergonomic handle is engineered to increase better comfort. When you want to cut poultry, beef or different kinds of meat, electric knives are found to be the ultimate choice.

A great time Saver: When you think of an electric knife kitchen, one of the features that flashes in your mind is its ability to save time. The primary reason, why people jump from traditional kitchen knife to electric knife is because of its time efficiency. Conventional knives take considerable time when you want to cut tough stuff like turkey, ox etc.

High Power: Electric knives are known to have high powers to offer the best cutting. They are extremely powerful featuring a potential motor with stainless steel blades to make your work short for any slicing task. Their high power blades make them work great against slicing meat, bread, vegetables, fruits, and filleting fish. It separates food without crushing or breaking and cuts with precision.

High-end Safety: The electric knife replacement blades attached to the cutlery are dishwasher safe for fast and easy clean-up. In addition to that, the appliance offers the best form of protection with their safety lock button. This button prevents the knife from turning on while plugged in.

What makes electric Knives special from the typical Kitchen Knives?

Chopping, slicing, and carving is a lot of fun but on the same hand, it can be a nightmare when you don’t have the right kitchen equipment. Two big occasions of the year, Christmas and New Year are fast approaching, so you would require to make plenty of cuisines to serve a lavish dinner party on both their eves.

Won’t you be glad and excited, if you can complete cutting your beef or poultry effortless in a shorter interval of time? Thanks to the invention of electric knives, this wonderful tool has made it possible and can save your day. The only thing you need is to pull the trigger or push the button and your task is completed. When you have this cutlery in your kitchen collection, then cutting and slicing will turn into pleasure.

However, some people consider an electric knife as cheesy antique making noises that are frustrating and perhaps bizarre. They are more comfortable with their conventional knife set and maintain them like a treasure, keeping them in the best possible condition.

Apparently, when you start using this amazing invention, they would obviously realize the precision cutting. To confirm this opinion, a kitchen test was conducted between the traditional kitchen knife and the quality electric knife. Though people were earlier skeptical about the results, the outcome surprised everyone.

The electric knife excelled in the results. They did the best cutting with no tearing of the skin and made clean and thin slices with absolute precision. Researchers concluded that these electric knifes solved potentially pretty bigger problems for home cooks.

Have you decided to go for the best electric knife? With plenty of choices available, it is quite daunting to choose the best electric knife. Nevertheless, electric knives buyers guide will help you chose the best electric knife for your needs.

A Complete Buying Guide in Choosing the Best Electric Knife

If you are a home cook and enjoy eating meats, then the electric knife is a must-have tool as part of your kitchen collection. The sleek and light weighted serrated stainless steel blades will give you precise slices every time. They chunk large slices of meat from the bone in a handy and effortless way and serves as a great medium especially during parties and festive occasions.

There are a few things you need to consider before making the best choice of an electric knife. The best electric knives 2019 will help you make a wise decision in buying. Let us see what are the aspects that have to be taken into consideration?

Types of Electric Knives:

Electrical Knives are broadly classified into:

  • Electric knife cordlessThey are battery operated and can be conveniently used for your outdoor parties and camping. A piece of potential equipment for individuals who love traveling. However the trouble is, it can eventually run out of battery or run on a low battery offering you hindrance and significantly affects your cutting.
  • Electric knife corded: These knives come with a corded wire that is plugged to electricity. Since it is connected to the electrical outlet, you need not to have concerns regarding battery charge running down. A corded model is believed to be long lasting than the electric knife cordless ones and is ideal for large family get together.
  • HandlesThe main aspect of electric knives.

Handles play a major role while choosing the electric knife, perhaps a distinct piece in the electric knife. Generally, the knives have an ergonomic handle which is easy to hold and built to be comfortable for your hands. It should not hurt your hand when you are using it for longer periods of time. Moreover, it should be safe to use in a dishwasher. Having the right kind of handle will definitely enrich your cutting experience.

  • Blades

Most of the electric knives reviews conclude that these knives are typically made of serrated stainless steel blades made of high-quality metal. The quality often related to its versatility and makes it more durable. Most electric knives are lightly weighted because of the stainless steel.

If you are looking for an electric knife that serves for only bread slicing, then you can go for bread blade. They are less potential ones and not often used in cutting tough materials. On the contrary, when you are looking for powerful options, then obviously carving blade is the perfect choice for meat lovers. They can make intrinsic cuts through the meat.

  • Cord Length

When it comes to the corded model, always be beware of the cord length. The length of the cord is a vital factor to consider. Lengthy cords are not often a preferred option and it is quite uncomfortable, especially when you have pets or small kids running around your home, it can turn dangerous. Medium sized cords of about 4 foot long are generally easy to use the appliance and regarded as an ideal option. Even shorter cords is a real hassle to handle. It makes your work more impeding rather than making it easier. However, in the end, it all depends upon your preference and your kitchen setup.

  • Life of the Battery and Aspects on Motor

When you are considering a cordless electric knife, one of the important fact that has to be taken into consideration is its battery life. Generally, cordless electric fillet knives are powered with lithium-ion battery which runs for about 80 minutes without disruption. Once the battery is completely depleted, it will require a charge. The charging time takes roughly around 2 hours.

One of the main advantages of lithium-ion batteries is, you can get efficient power even when the cutlery is running on a low battery.

Similarly motor plays an important role in achieving precise cuts. Unless you have heavy duty powerful motors say about 100 watts, you cannot expect hard cuts with ease and perfection. Generally, most powerful motors weigh about 1.8 pounds which typically determines the weight of the equipment.

  • Durability

When the accessories like the blades, motor, and battery are durable then apparently, it is regarded as the most durable choice. However, in addition to these characteristics, you should also consider the warranty part. There are instances, you may encounter failures without your device, at those circumstances, unless you have a proper warranty, you cannot replace with new cutlery. These products are not meant for single time usage rather going to last for a lengthy period of your life.

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