How to apply & remove self-tanner without leaving a trace?

Now apply & remove self-tanner without leaving a trace. To get a nice tan without tanning  or waiting for the shining summer sun! you must first prepare your skin well.

 How? ‘Or’ What ? By exfoliating the day before to remove dead cells, then wash with a neutral pH soap so as not to sensitize the skin. Then use a self tanner intended for the area you want to color. Certainly, there are multi-purpose products, but it is better to take one for the body and another for the face. Indeed, the skin of the face being thinner, it is preferable to use a lighter texture. If in doubt, ask your sales man for advice.

Now, apply & remove self-tanner

Apply the self tanner on the face

  1. Before applying the self tanner, you need clear skin. To do this, wash your face with a facial cleanser suitable for your skin type. Apply and rinse the product abundantly with two disks to remove make-up. Repeat this gesture with an exfoliating lotion for perfectly clean skin.
  2. Apply the self tanner with a foundation brush, stretching the material up to the ears, neck and décolleté.
  3. Leave on for 1 hour ideally.

Apply the self tanner on the body

  1. Use a pair of latex gloves or a special self tanning glove to avoid staining your hands
  2. Apply two successive layers of product on the legs, arms, neckline. while having a lighter hand on the second pass. This last layer serving only to emphasize the areas of the body where the light catches: the neckline, the shoulders.
  3. Blend the material at the ankles, joints and wrists. 
  4. Leave on for 15-20 minutes before getting dressed, 3 hours before going under water and 24 hours for a noticeable before / after effect.

Apply the self tanner to the legs

  1. Raise your leg, on the edge of the tub for example.
  2. Take a little product and apply it in circular motions from bottom to top. From the bottom of the calf to the knees. Finish with the thighs by stretching the material as much as possible, especially on the inside of the thighs. Finally, go over the top of the feet and toes with light strokes for a natural, seamless finish.

Apply the self tanner to the arms

  1. Apply the product on the top of the hand, then go up gradually, by making enveloping movements, up to the shoulders, without forgetting the inside of the arm.
  2. Finish with a few touches under the armpits and fingers for even more lightness. 

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How to remove self tanner?

To get a nice tan without waiting for tanning sessions at the beach, the self-tanner is the perfect solution. However, the slightest application error can have unfortunate repercussions: traces, stripes, too dark color…

Here are solutions to remove self tanner easily.

To remove traces of self-tanner on the face, body or clothing, there are simple and effective solutions. Whether it’s grandma’s tips or beautysta , a quick overview of the recipes that work. 

To remove an overdose of self-tanner

  1. Lemon juice: Mix lemon juice with a few tablespoons of coffee & salt and rub the remainder. Rinse with clean water, pat dry the skin and moisturize generously.
  2. Toothpaste: choose a very white texture. Apply delicately to the area to be deboned, rinse with clean water and dry. Repeat use until you regain your natural skin tone. Not to be done on the face, however.
  3. Coconut oil: brush your body and leave on for 30 minutes. Run soapy water, rinse and moisturize your skin.

To remove traces and streaks of self tanner

  1. Micellar water: soak a cloth in lukewarm water and apply it for 5 to 10 minutes on the traces to be removed. Remove the excess self tanner with cotton pads soaked in micellar water, then dry your skin. Guaranteed result!
  2. The oil-based body scrub: apply it to dry skin. Leave on for a few minutes, then rinse. If the streaks persist or the tan is still not even, complete with a shave of the legs, with shaving foam, for a double exfoliation.
  3. The sugar scrub: mix a few teaspoons of caster sugar with 2-3 tablespoons of honey. Lightly exfoliate areas that are too orange.

To remove a self tanner stain from clothing

Soak the stain with a special stain remover 15 minutes before washing. If the stain persists after washing, use glycerin.

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