Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel Moisturizer Review

The Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel moisturizer is the best thing to happen to my skin since I discovered mineral makeup. It’s by no means a perfect product, but it comes very close to my ideal moisturizer for oily skin. Here’s why!


Fantastic oil control

Honestly, I thought that the press release was just feeding me fluff when it talked about how the gel gets to the root of skin dehydration and restores moisture from within. If you remember what I learned from the product launch, oily skin is actually a by-product of skin dehydration; cells release extra oil to make up for the lost moisture.

Theoretically then, a proper moisturizer should also eliminate the oil problem.

The Hydro Boost Water Gel is the only moisturizer I’ve used that can control my oily skin up to four hours after the initial application. Before I started using this, I could cover an entire blotting paper with my icky face oil just two hours after cleansing and moisturizing.

But with the Water Gel on, the blotting paper hardly changes color when I blot two hours later, and I only notice an obvious shine after about four hours of no blotting.

* Excellent makeup base. 

Since makeup bases are pretty much just moisturizers, I figured the Hydro Boost Water Gel might be able to keep my makeup in place too. And I was right! It keeps my makeup budge-proof with the added bonus of oil control. I don’t feel the need to retouch my foundation. Until six hours later and sometimes, I can go an entire 8 hours without reapplying any powder.

So if you want to make the gel last a little longer, use a different moisturizer for your everyday use. Then whip this out after cleansing when you need to wear makeup.

Lightweight and non-greasy. 

It also goes without saying that the Water Gel feels pretty much like nothing after application. Though it does dry a little sticky, you can only feel the stickiness when you touch your face.

No breakouts. 

No product is ever 100% hypoallergenic, and I was worried that my skin would react badly to the Water Gel. Even though it contains a lot of ingredients I don’t like (see below). My skin remained breakout-free after almost two weeks of daily use. Phew!

Reasonably priced.

The Water Gel looks and feels expensive, but it’s priced quite reasonably at P830 for a 50g jar.


* Strongly scented. 

My biggest complaint about this product is that it has a really strong scent! Which lingers a few minutes after application. I dislike and distrust scented products so much that I almost didn’t give the Hydro Boost Water Gel a chance. Please get rid of the scent, or stop using foul-smelling ingredients!

Chemical ingredients. 

The Water Gel contains two kinds of parabens (methylparaben and propylparaben), dimethicone, laureth-7, and all sorts of chemical ingredients I’d been hoping to avoid. Although these substances didn’t give me an allergic reaction, I’d feel far more comfortable about using this daily if it were at least parabens-free.

On the bright side, at least water is the primary ingredient.

You need to use a lot. 

“A little goes a long way” does NOT describe this moisturizer. I need to scoop up a large amount with two fingers for it to moisturize my face properly. Especially in my most dry areas.


Though I may be a little bit picky about the chemical ingredients and fragrance, I still swear by the Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel and would gladly recommend it to anyone whose oily skin needs taming. For someone who has struggled with awful oily skin all her life, this product is seriously a godsend.

I have experimented with various moisturizers and powders to try to keep my oil under control, and I am not kidding when I say that this product is the only one that has worked for me in this regard. Bonus points for keeping my powder foundation relatively budge-proof!

If you don’t care about the scent and the ingredients, the Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel is probably the Holy Grail of all moisturizers. Even if you do care about these things, it’s still well worth a try. Now if only Neutrogena could make this product parabens-free and fragrance-free…

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