Prepare Your Skin for the Sun in 8 Steps.

The sun is making a comeback and a question nags you: how to prepare your skin for the sun to have a nice tan for deconfinement? On your balcony or in your garden, here are the right beauty gestures to achieve your goal.

Vacation time is fast approaching. It is time to prepare your skin for the first sun exposure to have a nice natural tan throughout the season, and why not until the beginnings of autumn.

1. Gently exfoliate your skin

A few days before exposing yourself to the sun, perform a scrub. The latter will eliminate dead cells and promote UV penetration through the skin. You can also go for a gentle peel for silky soft skin.

2. Boost your melanin with food supplements

Choose formulas based on selenium and vitamins A, C and E that help fight dry skin and skin aging. These also stimulate and prolong the tan. For optimal results, start the cure 15 days before the first sun exposure. A word of warning, food supplements do not protect against UV rays from the sun, so they do not replace protective sunscreen in any way .

3. Eat foods that will make your tan easier

Put some color on your plate! Tomatoes, carrots, apricots, green vegetables and even melons stimulate the synthesis of melanin (pigment protection against radiation) and help prevent sunburn. Also consume fatty fish, rich in omega 3 and vegetable oils to stimulate and prolong your tan.

4. Limit UV sessions

Contrary to popular belief, UV sessions in cabins do not promote tanning because they do not cause the production of melanin and do not protect the skin from the sun’s rays. They only allow you to have a superficial tan which greatly sensitizes the skin, not to mention the harmful consequences they can have on long-term health. 

5. Go for a gradual tan

Arrived on the beach, no question of throwing yourself on the towel to make the pancake in the sun. This is the best way to get sunburns and damage your skin! For an even tan, gradually expose your skin to the sun . Start with a few minutes on the terrace of a café or on your balcony with a high-index sunscreen, for example. Also avoid the hottest hours: 12 p.m. and 4 p.m. when the sun’s rays are the most dangerous. Then, over the days, extend your exposure to the sun without forgetting to renew your sun protection regularly, of course.

6. Drink water to stay hydrated

The sun dries up the skin. To keep it beautiful and soft, drink water before, during and after sun exposure. After the shower, nourish her with a moisturizer for the body. A well hydrated skin will prevent you from peeling and will prolong your tan for a long time .

7. Cheat with self-tanner … but not without sunscreen

Just like UV sessions, self-tanners color the skin but are devoid of melanin. They therefore do not protect against the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays. However, they are harmless to health. Bottom line, you can give the illusion of a nice tan before you even get to the beach, but you will need to resort to sunscreen cream for a safe tan.

8. Tan safely by adapting your sun protection to your skin tone

The best way to prepare your skin for the sun and get a nice tan is still to opt for a reasonable tan. Avoid the sun between 12 p.m. and 4 p.m. and opt for sun protection at factor 50 if you have fair skin and 30 if you are dark . Also remember to bring a hat, glasses so as not to burn, as well as renewing the application of your sunscreen every two hours.

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