Tanning: The 9 Keys to a Quick Natural Tan!

The sun is back ! It’s time to get a nice tan. Exposure times, UV patch, tanning positions. Follow these smart tips to get a perfect tan from head to toe. 

The 9 Keys to a Quick Natural Tan!

We all dream of a perfect tan. Golden, which lasts several months! Without the threat of peeling skin on the horizon. Rest assured, the tan to make the girlfriends pale is not inaccessible. You just need to have the right reflexes and follow certain tips to become the queen of effective and long-lasting tanning!

1. Tan by the sea

If you hesitate between beach and swimming pool to get a perfect tan, think no more, it is by the sea that everything is played. Why ? Firstly, because  water and sea salt facilitate the reflection of the sun, suddenly we take colors more quickly. Secondly, because the wind from the seaside makes sunbathing more pleasant than at the pool where it is warmer. Finally, third, sunbathe in the middle of buildings or trees when you can do it on fine, warm sand, there is no picture. And of course, we do not forget a good sunscreen with a high protection factor.

2. Opt for the anti-sand beach mat, new in my tanning kit

When our beach towel looks more like a sand dune than a tanning mat, we know the rest: the sand sticks to the skin, we get up, we shake it, and a quarter of an hour later we start again … The solution: the anti-sand beach mat. When there are grains on it, you just need to tap it lightly and the sand passes through and it does not rise thanks to a one-way filter. We quickly forget the gymnastics of “rising-shaking-sleeping” and especially the sand that sticks to the skin. You can therefore tan with confidence.

3. Move under the sun

We cannot repeat it enough, we tan faster in water  ! Yes, we like to bask, but for an even tan, nothing beats a few breaststrokes and a backstroke. And when we expose ourselves, we tan “useful”: between 10 am and 12 noon and only from 4 pm . A cloudy sky allows 90% of UV rays to pass through, so even on an overcast day, you tan! For those who love to laze around on the towel, it is best to sit on your back . Finally, we do not hesitate to have the rhythm of the tan in the skin: a game of volleyball with the eldest or a sandcastle with the last. In short, everything is a pretext to move to tan from all angles.

4. Bet on food

Your Diet Can Help You Tan Faster! To prepare for your tan from the inside out , overdo carrots . Grated into a salad, browned in a little olive oil, in a crumble. Treat yourself and fill up on beta-carotene. And when you know that carrots are also an excellent antioxidant, you will no doubt rush to your market gardener! To vary the flavors, also consider melting for fruits and vegetables, natural sources of hydration. Finally, if you want to go faster than the music, you can also buy tanning activators in pharmacies and drugstores , in the form of capsules to swallow for two weeks before your vacation in the sun.

5. Highlight tan with a white swimsuit

Light and flashy colors remain the TOP for tanned skin. We therefore fall for the white swimsuit that highlights the tan. It is a timeless and ultra trendy color that stands out as well on a bikini as a one-piece.

6. Opt for a tanning swimsuit

For a full tan, opt for a transbronzant swimsuit which guarantees a golden tan from head to toe thanks to a special material that allows UV rays to pass through. A little trick against sunglasses brands: mix makeup with concealer.

7. Opt for the UV patch for worry-free tanning

This sun exposure indicator is THE solution for a hassle-free tan. Stick it on the arm and you’re done. It measures the UV rays received and changes color according to the solar threshold reached. The blue means that everything is ok, the brown that we must put on the sunscreen, and the orange that we must stop the tanning session. No bigger than a coin, it is discreet and can be forgotten even in the water. It can be found in pharmacies.

8. Treat sunburns

In case of hot and sun , quickly opt for a grandmother’s recipe:

  • the vinegar water  to relieve (compresses it soaks and skin is gently dab);
  • the e tea  to refresh (are infused then raises the wet tea bag on the affected areas);
  • the yogurt to moisturize and soothe (is applied liberally to the skin);
  • d u milk, water and a pinch of salt for pain (spend a soaked cotton and dab the skin). 

9. Enhance your tan!

Glitter eyeliner, shiny eyeshadow, Highlight your tan with luminous shades  that make a glamorous look. Opt for gloss over lipstick and sun powder foundation. The waterproof makeup is also essential ally against the ravages of heat and waves. On the body side, opt for monoi  or glitter oil .

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