The Benefits of Monoi Oil on Hair.

Appreciated for massages and for moisturizing the skin, monoi oil also has incredible virtues for nourishing and protecting the hair. The beauty editor explains all the benefits of this oil from Tahiti.

The benefits of mono & iuml;  on the hair

Symbol of French Polynesia, and more particularly of Tahiti, the Tiare flower is macerated for 10 days in coconut oil to obtain the famous monoi oil . Polynesians have been using it for many years, to massage babies, moisturize the skin or protect hair from the sun. It is also an excellent natural ingredient to sublimate all hair, as evidenced by the beautiful manes of Polynesians. 

The benefits of monoi oil on hair

Rich in fatty acids (omega 6 and 9), monoi oil is renowned for its emollient properties, ideal for dry or bleached hair , looking for shine and suppleness. It is the best ally of women with curly, frizzy or frizzy hair since it deeply nourishes the hair fiber of these manes in perpetual quest for hydration . Monoi oil is also recommended for brittle, split or dull hair which will then regain strength and vitality.

How do I use monoi oil on my hair?

With its heavenly scent, monoi oil is often associated with summer, yet it can be used all year round, to moisturize skin and hair on a daily basis. Moreover, it can be used in several ways. 

As a hair mask , once a week, monoi oil is an incredible repairing treatment to restore hydration, shine and suppleness to the hair. To do so, apply monoi oil all over the hair (avoiding the roots if you tend to grease quickly) and leave on for 30 minutes or overnight if you wish, under a cellophane film or a towel hot. Shampoo one, or even two, then you have a dream mane!

In daily care , it is possible to apply a few drops of monoi on the lengths and dry ends in order to provide them with regular hydration. Shine and softness guaranteed!

Monoi oil can also be used as a conditioner , on very dry or thick hair. As with daily care, just place a few drops of monoi on the lengths and ends to nourish them throughout the day. Be careful not to have too heavy a hand, especially if you have fine hair, at the risk of weighing it down.

As a prevention , like Polynesian women who usually apply monoi oil to their hair to protect them from the sun, chlorine and sea salt, apply a few drops of monoi to create a barrier between your mane and hair. external aggressions. 

Which monoi oil to choose?

To choose the right product, it is important to know that the Tahiti monoi is protected by a designation of origin which ensures a quality monoi, respectful of traditional Polynesian manufacture. Also note that there is a difference between ” pure monoi “, containing 90% minimum of Tahiti monoi, and ” monoi oil “, which contains between 50 and 90%. 

To buy your monoi, you can turn to legendary brands such as Tiki Tahiti or Hei Poa, offering a wide variety of products and scents, or to well-known brands, such as Yves Rocher or Aroma Zone.

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